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LabCollector LIMS

  • Want to speed-up your research?
  • Want to manage and track samples and other biological material?
  • Want to manage storage and biobanking?
  • Want to know reagents stocks and validity in real time?
  • Want to find your cell line in seconds?
  • Want to keep activity records?
  • Want to know which animals are in the cages?
  • Want to browse and easily manage the storage places
  • Want to manage your sequences, plasmids or primers and analyse them quickly?
  • Want to share documents, protocols and other documents on the lab?
  • Want to keep and manage experiments in a collaborative Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)?

All this and much more is now possible with LabCollector, the unique out-of-the-box LIMS/LIS solution made for scientists and not for IT geeks! Organize your tubes, samples... in minutes!

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The first 100% web-based LIS/LIMS

Fully customizable

Upgradable & Affordable

The main concept behind LabCollector LIMS is that each scientist in the lab can manage quickly his data and make them available to the rest of the lab members. Due to Intranet support, data can be accessed from any connected computer in the lab, which accelerates information retrieval in a real collaborative environment. Furthermore, you lab will gain traceability and organization.

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LabCollector LIMS is modular software, that you can adapt and customize extensivelly without any particular informatics skill. Therefore LabCollector LIMS can be used in a variety of different situations and labs. Easily create your own embedded custom modules, add any kind of fields, etc.


With a single license per lab team, LabCollector LIMS is the most affordable solution that you can find! No expensive leasing plans. Our license is economic and perpetual. And you only pay upgrades if and when you need!

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Current version 5.16


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An easy single-step setup wizard is now provided for Windows systems. No informatics skills needed to manage your server!

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A growing number of Modules Add-ons available for LabCollector LIMS: Scheduler, PhotoBank, Electronic Lab Notebook, Sequencing Service Management...

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Give your team the power to quickly make reservations for equipment or facilities.

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Give your team the power to quickly draw colored plasmid maps.

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